Moustache hair transplant in Hyderabad

Improper growth of facial hair is a great concern in Men. Having bald spots in beard and moustache can even tamper mental health. After all, people are constantly worried about their appearance. It is therefore ideal to consult a cosmetician and get a hair transplant done your moustache.

mustache hair transplant involves extracting grafts from the donor site – like the back of your scalp and transplanting it on bald patches of your moustache. The donor site is usually selected from areas of your scalp where the hair is in abundance. Once the transplanting is done, you the hair grows naturally in your moustache and you can trim or shave as you like.

The bald spots may have occurred from birth or over time due to ageing. This can also be due to a medical condition known as alopecia. Though baldness in facial hair due to alopecia can be treated medically over a period, spotty patches due to other reasons such as ageing cannot be treated. In this case, people usually resort to a mustache hair transplant.

The main requirement needed for this service is a donor site that has an abundant amount of hair. Mostly, the surgeon resort to the back area of your scalp and grafts are collected one by one from distributed sites. If you are planning for a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), then the surgeons take a portion of your body tissue from the donor site and transplants the hair follicles on it. The site is then stitched up. The scar will be on the site for a long time but would fade away eventually. Bald patches can only be treated with transplants and the procedure is not that painful as you think.

If the transplant is done from a good clinic, you can observe thicker hair growth in the patches. The hair after the transplant falls off after three weeks, which is quite natural and will grow back after a certain period which your surgeon will inform you. The results of the transplant usually depend upon the technique which you have undergone. We are the no 1 hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad operating for 15 years offering the latest techniques with minimal pain and 100% guaranteed results

The procedure takes upon 2 to 5 hours and you can expect better results provided you follow the post-transplant procedures accordingly. You may notice redness and swelling at the recipient sites, but this is normal and is nothing to be worried about. Some may also experience sensitivity in the donor as well as recipient sites and others may find ingrown hairs. A certified surgeon will instruct you about the after-effects and the treatments or medications to be taken after the transplant. For better results, you should follow these instructions.

It is heartbreaking to see bald patches in your facial hair. If you do so, then do not hesitate to reach out to the best moustache hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. They have well-trained surgeons who would give you a clear picture of the procedure well before so that you have no room for confusion. They would also provide you with quality before and after pictures of previous clients, so can gain confidence in the procedure as well. Looking for the Moustache hair transplant in Hyderabad? Give us a call now