Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Facial hairs are an essential part of the human body – for men as well as women. A perfect eyebrow is the dream of many women. It is possible to reconstruct a sparse or thin eyebrow with make-up, but the effect is temporary and at times looks artificial. You may have also noticed that some people do not have a portion of their eyebrows due to stitches in the area. Thus, eyebrow hair transplant is the savior in these cases.We serve the best hair transplant in Hyderabad

Eyebrow transplants involve transplanting hair grafts from the donor site, preferably from the side of your ear, to the recipient site. After a certain period, you can observe a fuller eyebrow where the transplant has been done. Yes, the procedure sounds like any other hair transplanting technique. The cosmetician transfers both the hair and hair follicles from the donor site to make sure that the hair at the recipient site grows back once the transplanted hair falls out.

If you have thin eyebrows or have lost a part of it due to a stitch, then eyebrow hair transplanting is the only way to have those beautiful eyebrows you see on models in the ads. If the hair loss is caused to alopecia, then you need not worry. The hair will grow back naturally once the proper medication is taken. For the hair transplant to be done, you should have healthy hair follicles above your ear. Healthy follicles can give better results after transplantation.

An initial checkup will be done by the surgeon to determine positions for the donor site. The health of the hair at these sites are tested. Only if the hair follicles seem to perfect condition, the procedure is started. Local anesthesia will be given to the donor as well as the recipient site and the procedure may take up to only 2 to 3 hours. It is better to rest for a day after the transplantation procedure is done. If you notice any bruise or infection in the recipient or donor site, immediately contact your surgeon for help.

The benefits of eyebrow hair transplant can vary from person to person depending on their motive of undergoing the procedure. Some do it to gain self-satisfaction while others do it to cover the patches in their eyebrows. Some may have longed for the picture-perfect eyebrows while others may have done it to regain their lost eyebrows due to stitches. The advantage that is common to all is that you can get that perfect eyebrow after the procedure and flaunt it as much as you want as the eyebrows will look fuller and natural. If you are looking for the eyebrow hair transplant in hyderabad, you have come to the right place.

To get the expected results, it is important to approach an expert in this field. You can always approach the eyebrow hair transplants in Hyderabad without any haste or second thoughts. They are best in this field and have expert plastic surgeons who will carry out the procedure with ease. You can always ask for their previous clients and they would be happy to explain to you the procedure involved and the post-procedure process. So that you can get those dream eyebrows of yours without any fear and confusion.