Beard Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Beard transplantation is similar to any other hair transplantation, it is the process of stimulating the growth of sporadic beard hair which makes the beard look fuller. Transplantation takes place by taking hair from other body parts or from a donor. Normally 4,000 to 7,000 hairs are beard hair transplanted, sometimes surgeons use two hairs per implant to give fuller look and hide patchy beard. Not every man has a lush beard. Every other guy to test the transplant for the weird have mostly had a reason for hiding stars however the budding generation seems to consider growing beard a fashion.

If you are facing patchy hair growth you are not alone, there could be many reasons for low growth like genetics, hormones, lifestyle problem. For instance, if your dad is tall there are chances of you being a tall guy as well, the same works with the beard but also men with low testosterone suffer a hard time to grow a full beard. Enough sleep and good nutritious diet fight patchy beard as well. Want to know more about the pricing of beard hair transplant in Hyderabad? Give us a call we will schedule your booking with our surgeon

The two main kinds of beard transplants are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both include a procedure in which surgeons remove hair from the donor area. While it’s probable to produce a full beard with a transplant and goatee, the fuller the beard, the additional grafts which will be required to achieve the fuller look. For a goatee, just 1200-1500 grafts will be sufficient, fewer as compared to full beard, which will necessitate 2500-3000 grafts. When the hair follicles are detached, the surgeon relocates them to bald patches in the beard area. The doctor goes through the design of a beard according to face and follicle in defined symmetry, it is picked one by one and the surgeon needs to be artistically oriented.

Beard transplantation is relatively new when compared to the number of men who opt for this but the higher chance that you will end up liking the result. By transplantation, you choose the style of your own beard. The study revealed that women are more attracted to men who have a full-grown beard and also men with beards imply muscularity plus seem to be stronger. It will give you permanent results that will last long-time without any stitches or scalpel besides result that will make you look and feel great. The procedure may take up to 5 hours but recovery time is short soon you will be able to style and shave your beard normally.

We provide you with skilled and trained doctors. The award-winning Direct Hair Implantation procedure assurances 100% natural outcome every time. Safety is our foremost priority besides we utilize single-use, high-precision, patented tools with no pain, surgery or stitches. We are the best hair transplant centre in Hyderabad with the record of over 1500+ successful procedures. We have the promise of over 90% graft survival ratio for dense hair and natural results, various awards have been awarded to us. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal plus we take care of our customers and make them happy with end result as we have a history of happy customers.